About Us – Getaway Cabin in IL

Doc’s Lakeside Cabin was built in 2012 on a private 6 acre Lake. Surrounded by beautiful hills and the Shawnee National Forest Trail of Tears, we are family owned and operated in Jonesboro, Illinois.

The inspiration for the location and name came from my grandfather “Doc” who loved the outdoors.
Many times he would sit on his porch swing, point with his tobacco pipe in hand across the Lake and say
that would be a great place for a lil cabin.”

So as his oldest grandchild Robert and I took his advice and built a cabin we believe he would be proud of and it would only be fitting to honor him and his vision by naming it Doc’s Lakeside Cabin”

As our family surrounds this peaceful getaway cabin we want our guest to feel “they are family”.



Doc's Getaway Cabin in IL.

View of Docs Lake from the dock


Doc's Lakeside Getaway Cabin in IL.

Two foot bridges along Doc’s Lake